In the year 2005, I was in Thailand for the first time.  I was simply impressed when I arrive at the Dong Bang international airport. Firstly the Thai people impressed me with their behaviour. Their friendly attitude, love, affection, and cooperation continuously impressing me. Here I am trying to share that the Thailand travel tips.

It is very helpful if a traveller makes a travel plan before going to Thailand. It always helps the traveller to enjoy the vacation properly. It’s the 5oth largest country in the world and 12th largest in Asia. So before travel, if the traveller makes a plan then he or she can save money, time and explore the country perfectly.

Applying for the Visa:

If the traveller applies for his / her visa followed by the Thailand Visa requirements for Bangladeshi then they can submit it directly to the VFS Services Pvt. Ltd. to save travel agent or tourist agent service charges.

How to save money from the flight?

Money, the most important for travel. How does a traveller save money during travel? For an example, if a traveller buys his/her flights ticket earlier then it will be cheap undoubtedly. There are many different airlines are offering much different flight package round the year. Most of the offers are, a traveller should buy the ticket a certain time before and it always cheap.

How to save money from the accommodation?

Similar to accommodation. Obviously, a traveller will stay in a hotel, hostel etc. And here if a traveller booked it earlier then it will be cheap obviously. There are many different apps and sites are working for accommodation booking. An example: a traveller planning to travel in June and if he/she book accommodation on March then he will get the best offer for an early book.

Arrange cheaper transportation:

Never hurry, if hurry then pays more. When a traveller has a travel plan then he /she can arrange cheaper transportation. There are different types of buses, taxis, limousine services are there. Everything depends on afford. But the cheapest is the bus all over the world.